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Classification method of connector types

Date:2021-09-15 Hits:1408

                                                                Classification method of connector types

1.The cross-sectional shape of the male terminal at the separable interface is divided into: Pin (round)/socket and Post (square or rectangular)/receptacle.

2. By the way of permanent connection is divided into: mechanical connection type and welding connection type.

3. divided by the medium carrier of connection: wire connectors and board connectors.

4. Divided by mechanical connection: Crimp connector; IDC connector; Wrapped connector; Press-fit connector; clamp connector... According to the welding method can be divided into: surface mount (SMT) connectors; reflow (reflow) connectors; perforated (PTH) soldering connectors, wave soldering (wave soldering) connectors

5. According to the shape of the shell is divided into: rectangular connectors; circular connectors; soft-shell connectors; D-Sub connectors; ribbon connectors. According to the shell material is divided into: LCP connector; nylon material connector; PBT connector.

6. According to the signal layer and grounding layer structure characteristics are divided into: coaxial connectors and non-coaxial connectors

7. According to the application frequency: high frequency connectors; low frequency connectors; mixed frequency connectors.

8. According to the industrial system is divided into: aviation, marine, defense connectors; household appliance connectors; automotive connectors; communication connectors; energy connectors; industrial connectors; office supplies connectors; data transmission connectors; enterprise network connectors; home entertainment equipment connectors; intelligent residential use connectors; automation and control connectors; lighting connectors; medical connectors; personal computer connectors. Railroad transport connectors; solar energy connectors; test connectors; nuclear facility connectors...

9. Classified according to current-carrying capacity: signal terminal and power terminal; power connector and signal connector.

10. According to the number of connectors used in the connection is divided into: one set of connectors (such as board edge connectors), two sets of connectors, three-piece connectors

11. According to the specific use, such as IC connectors (PGA), IO connectors (Displayport, VGA, DVI, HDMI, USB), fiber optic connectors, filter connectors, CATV connectors, backplane connectors, memory sticks / memory connectors (DDR, SIMM, DIMM, PCI, SIM) daughter board connectors; HDTV connectors Flexible circuit board connectors, network cable connectors (RJ45), audio video (AV) connectors, battery connectors

12. By size or version: large connectors, standard connectors, small connectors, ultra-small connectors, micro connectors, ultra-micro connectors

13. by polarity: male / anode connectors; female / cathode connectors; bi-sexual connectors.