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How many current data lines can the data line manufacturers customize?

Date:2018-05-28 Hits:2725
The commonly used mobile data lines are generally 2A. Because the data line of 2A is charged quickly, though it can not reach the speed of fast charging, it is enough to charge the mobile phone. Of course, the data lines of mobile phones are not all 2A currents, and the data line manufacturers can customize the mobile data lines of different sizes and currents according to the needs of customers. The current size of the data line can range from a few hundred Ma to a few. The most common data line manufacturers are 1A, 1.5A and 2A, which are quite common. In addition, mobile devices such as mobile phones have current limits for the purpose of charging safety. Basically, 2A's mobile data line can meet the daily charge of mobile and mobile electronic products. But there are also mobile phone data lines with larger demand for customers: 3.5A high current.
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