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What is a board-side connector?

Date:2021-10-21 Hits:1866

                                                                               What is a board-side connector?

      Board-end connector is a connector with one end fixed on the circuit board. It has a short transmission distance, support for micro-current transmission, signal transmission, model rich, small appearance, design and assembly more precise and other characteristics. Board-end connectors are fixed into: DIP (perforated fixed) type and SMT (surface with dip) type, both ways use the solder to assist in fixing, but the specific form is different.
      DIP fixed English named dual in-line package, also known as DIP package or DIP packaging, referred to as DIP or DIL. is an integrated circuit packaging method. dip package components can be mounted on the board with through-hole cartridge technology, but also can be installed using DIP socket. The use of DIP sockets can facilitate the replacement of components, but also to avoid the overheating of components when soldering.

      SMT full name is Surface?mount (or mounting)?technology, the Chinese meaning for the surface adhesion (or mounting) technology. This technology is to mount the components on the surface of the circuit board. The reason why it is called paste, because the solder paste has a certain stickiness, in the absence of melting, can also stick to the components, so that the connector is mounted on the board.
      The two fixed forms of board-side connectors use different production processes. In the selection process, you should listen to the advice of professional connector engineers, in the case of full communication of needs, connector engineers can integrate price, application, delivery and other factors to choose the right production program.