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Urgent recruitment of 2 international traders


1. There is no limit to men and women, college degree or above, and no limit to majors.

2. Experience is preferred.

3. Excellent English written and oral expression skills, strong business awareness and negotiation skills, pioneering ability.

4. Strong enterprising spirit and team spirit, conscientious work, strong sense of responsibility, strong resistance to pressure.

Wage negotiable:

The treatment is absolutely generous, as long as you are a thousand miles horse, Bole is waiting for you!

As long as you have the ability and willingness to do it, it is not unexpected for you!

You will enjoy:

1. Enjoy statutory holidays and other paid holidays (paid annual leave).

2. Establish annual awards for outstanding employees, length of service awards, full-time awards, high performance bonuses and other incentives.

3. Enjoy year-end awards according to company performance and individual contribution.

4. Wide development space and promotion level.

5. Festival benefits.

6. Fast-paced, passionate working atmosphere + good promotion space.

7. It is a five-day and-a-half-eight-hour working week. It does not advocate the humanized leadership of overtime.

8. The company provides free accommodation with complete facilities.