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Inspection of terminal wire prevention connector fixing

Date:2021-09-06 Hits:1768

                                                      Inspection of terminal wire prevention connector fixing

Connection terminal is an accessory product used to achieve electrical connection, industry is divided into the category of connector. If the terminal is poorly fixed, it is likely to cause instantaneous power failure, poor contact and other accidents, and may even disintegrate the product. Therefore, manufacturers have to carry out a series of checks to prevent poorly fixed connectors.

1) Interchangeability check

Interchangeability check requires the same series of matching plugs and sockets are able to plug and connect with each other, from which to find out whether there is due to the insulator, contact parts and other parts of super poor size, the lack of parts or assembly is not in place and other reasons caused by the inability to plug, positioning and locking, even under the action of rotational force caused by the consequences of disintegration. To avoid major failure accidents.

2)Torque resistance check

Endurance torque check is a kind of assessment terminal structure reliability is very effective inspection method. According to the standard should be sampling samples of each batch of endurance torque inspection, timely detection of problems

(3) crimp wire through test

According to the technical conditions of the product, the production plant in the finished product before leaving the factory to deliver the plug (seat) samples of all installation holes for through testing, that is, the use of loading and unloading tools will be crimped with pins or jacks of the wire touch intended for the position, check whether it can be locked. This test requires a pull-off force check root by root. To avoid crimped wires sent to the place, or sent to the place after the lock can not be locked, unreliable contact and other failures.

Without a reliable connection terminal, there is no reliable system engineering