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Data line extension cord

Date:2019-03-25 Hits:3485

  USB extension cord mainly consists of two parts: one network cable and two USB ports. The interface is connected to both ends of the network cable and can be any combination of USB male head or USB female head as required.

Introduction: USB extension cord with 128 shielding layer. Can achieve better shielding and transmission effect, with a USB processing chip, by extending the standard USB port to connect all USB devices, the longest distance can reach 10 meters, using USB Cable can be through the standard USB interface between the two hosts to transfer data.

Purpose: protect the socket: the external electronic devices do not need to be directly inserted and unplugged on the host computer, which not only protects the interface of USB devices, but also facilitates the use.Compared with previous interfaces such as serial, parallel, infrared, it can provide higher transmission speed and easier to use user interface, built-in usb-usbUSB extension cable connection function directly, speed is 50 times of ordinary parallel port cable, support hot plug the USB Network Link can very quickly and easily for small office and home office, mobile users. The Network environment such as game, through which users can share the hard disk files, printer, peripherals, and other support Network Shared equipment. In the case of only two computers, can direct and rapid transmission through GeneLink program file, complete function contains the Network card, support the TCP/IP, NETBEUI, IPX/SPX network protocol, support USB1.1, high-speed transmission mode 12MBS, sharing network resources, such as ADSL,MODEM, cd-rom, printer, scanner, etc.

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