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There are four wires in the data line, which two are the power lines? Where\'s the data line?

Date:2019-03-11 Hits:3600

 雅创电子一拖三数据线The red and black lines are power lines, and the white and green lines are used to transmit data. 

The colors of the four wires in the mobile phone charger are: red, white, green and black. Wherein two wires are data wires, two wires are power wires including grounding. 

雅创电子数据线Red line: positive electrode of power supply (the identification on the wiring is +5V or VCC). 

 White line: negative voltage data line (identified as Data-or USB Port-). 

 Green line: positive voltage data line (identified as Data+or USB Port+). 

 Black Line: Grounding (Identified as GND). 

 Simple can be summarized as: red (power supply), green (data line 1), white (data line 2), black (ground)

Reference material:数据线/391946?fr=aladdin

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