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What should we do if we can't dial after using the cell phone data line?

Date:2018-12-13 Hits:1296

      Mobile phone data line is used every day, and you are not unfamiliar with it. But some friends encounter such a problem. What should we do if the mobile phone can not dial after using the mobile phone data line? Here's Yachuang Electronics to introduce it to you.

type c 数据线

    Solutions to the problem of unable to dial after using mobile phone data line:

    First check whether the settings of the mobile phone are correct, such as checking whether the network settings are selected correctly, if you can not dial correctly under the current network settings, you can try another network.

    Then check whether the current location is within the scope of mobile network operation. If you are not in the area covered by the network, of course, you can not dial correctly.

    In addition, check the details of other aspects carefully, such as whether the mobile phone has set restrictions on calls, whether the call cost has reached the upper limit, and whether the SIM card has been inserted correctly. If the phone can not be dialed correctly after checking, and then check whether the keys of the mobile phone are in good condition, it is really impossible to send the mobile phone to a professional repair station, so that professionals can repair it.

    Above is the solution to the problem that the cell phone data line can not be dialed after use. If you encounter such a problem, you can refer to the above several methods for checking.