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The rapid development of connectors in the market in recent years

Date:2018-12-01 Hits:220

In the past, most connector suppliers made more use of China's low production costs, but now they are thinking more about how to serve this emerging market. The answer it gives is to transform the original "Made-in-China" model into "Made-in-China" model.

Connector has business departments in different industries in the global framework. It chooses global headquarters including household appliances, automobiles, data communications, etc. to form a functional "headquarters ecological chain" with China regional headquarters, R&D and advanced technology development center, and production plants.


On the one hand, it aims to better serve Chinese customers and partners and respond to local business needs in a timely manner. On the other hand, it is in the most active electronic component market in the world, radiating global business. In the eyes of connector manufacturers, the Chinese market is not only huge and developing rapidly, but also high-quality partners and new business opportunities like millet, Huawei and ZTE. Customers in China are characterized by being "fast" and paying close attention to the speed of innovative products and solutions, which forces TE to localize its business in order to improve service efficiency.

Similarly, several major international connector suppliers, including Molex, FCI and Amphenol, are also laying heavy emphasis on China's market. Taking Molex as an example, it chose to set up its largest factory in Chengdu, deploying more than 185,000 square meters of manufacturing equipment and more than 20,000 employees to compete for the market, emphasizing that China is the complex element of Molex. Devices and components are at global R&D centers.

Of course, Chinese manufacturers have not abandoned this good business, electronic components manufacturers in the medical, military, network and other fields have a considerable degree of penetration, and even emerged in the international market. This is also an important reason why connector manufacturers and other international manufacturers have to go all out to try to use technological advantages to gain market voice. "Strong local companies will be the best partners." Rather than competitors, we prefer to call domestic enterprises as partners, and use their resources and channels in the domestic market to land the connector technology in the future.

In the future connector market, Yachuang Electronics hopes to discuss with more partners a place in this new era of information Internet.