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Advantages and Disadvantages of Type-C Mother

Date:2018-11-28 Hits:121

Type-C base occupies a large share in the connector market. The main function of Type-C base is to provide power charging and data transmission for equipment. How much do you know about the advantages and disadvantages of Type-C base? How much do you know about the application areas of Type-C mothers?

Advantages of Type-C Motors
1. Extensibility. Type-C base is suitable for all kinds of USB devices.

2. Availability, Type-C base supports both positive and negative insertion, and can withstand 10,000 times of repeated insertion;

3. Type-C base size is smaller;

4. Type-C base can provide 100W power through 3A current, which can realize fast charging.

5. The maximum data transmission speed is 10 Gbit/s.

Disadvantages of Type-C Motors

1. Multiple insertion of Type-C base will lead to the increase of contact resistance.

2. The distance between Pin and Pin of Type-C base is small, which can easily lead to some impurities such as hair and metal chips entering into Vbus and GND at charging terminal to form micro-short circuit.

3. The structure of Type-C base is more complex, and the problem of processing accuracy can also lead to the instability of contact resistance.

Applications of Type-C Motors

Type-C base is mainly used in various types of Type-C interface types of mobile phones, laptops, desktop computers, television and mobile hard disk, printers, mobile power supply and other external equipment.