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Advantages of Domestic Connector Manufacturers

Date:2018-11-23 Hits:161

Domestic connector manufacturers have the following advantages:

(1) Cost and service advantages China's domestic labor market is lower than Europe, America, Japan and Taiwan's labor costs, China's domestic connector business managers localization, lower costs; Europe, America, Japan, including Taiwan's enterprises although part of the plant is located in China, but by the company's culture, business philosophy and management internationalization. Affected, the unit output labor cost still has a certain gap. Domestic enterprises still have obvious advantages in service concept, delivery cycle and response speed.

(2) At present, more than one third of the global connector market is located in China. In 3C and automobile market, Chinese system manufacturers have gained some influence in the global market. Close matching and tracking services can help domestic connector manufacturers to further expand their advantages in the future competition pattern.

(3) The technical gap is narrowing gradually in the 3C field, one of the technical barriers of connectors is high frequency. Domestic enterprises have made breakthroughs in the fields of USB socket, HDMI Connector and DP.


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