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How can connector manufacturers improve their production efficiency?

Date:2018-11-20 Hits:128

For the manufacturing industry, how to improve the production efficiency of products is a problem that every enterprise is studying. The production efficiency of products on the assembly line will be affected by production managers, production equipment, material preparation, operation methods and working environment.For example, the material cost of wire harness processing is very high, but the profit is very low. Many enterprises have trouble in improving the efficiency of wire harness processing. As a manufacturer of connectors and connectors, how to improve the productivity of products? Xiaobian find some information, the following to share with you!
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1. In terms of Technology

Enterprise production technology is the source of quality and efficiency. Mature processing technology and design precision of moulding die directly affect the quality and efficiency of moulding, that is, using better production technology, machinery, automation equipment and so on.

Two. In terms of staff

Mobilize the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of production workers, make employees consciously devote more energy to production, give full play to their maximum potential, reduce the invalid time of employees, strictly implement rules and regulations, establish reward and punishment mechanism, etc.

Three. In terms of machinery and equipment

Relevant persons in charge should do a good job in the maintenance of forming machines and moulds, improve the production speed and rotational rate of equipment, reduce standby time, do a good job in daily maintenance, reduce failure time and so on.

Four. Raw materials

Managers should do a good job of production incoming material inspection to ensure that the materials put into production are qualified, reasonably divide the material placement area, less time to find materials, and improve production efficiency.

Five. In terms of procedure

Production line managers should arrange production processes reasonably and effectively, prevent repetitive operations, handle bottleneck processes reasonably, arrange production plans reasonably, and avoid frequent replacement of product production.

Six. In terms of the environment.

Enterprise production should create a good working environment, working atmosphere, so that employees have a comfortable working environment and a good mood, reduce the workers'work fatigue and job disgust.

Seven. In terms of institutional management.

An enterprise has a standardized and procedural system, which is the fundamental guarantee to build a good production team. On the basis of a formal and standard process system, all production teams must be trained and formed good habits in their daily work, and the enterprise itself must have strong technology and excellent style of work.