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Type-C is applied to the huge market of mobile phones.

Date:2018-11-08 Hits:184

     Since Apple's New Macbook was equipped with Type-C interface the year before last, more and more mobile phone manufacturers have begun to follow up. It is the development route of Type-C in smartphones that penetrates from high-end to low-end step by step. At present, the new mainstream flagship models on the market have fully started using the USB Type-C interface.

     It is understood that currently on the market Lexus super mobile phone series, millet series, Moto Z/M, LG G5, Jinli M5 Plus, ZUK Z1, Huawei P9 series, ZTE AXON Skycraft MAX, one plus mobile phone 2, Jinli S8, Meizu Pro 6S/5 all use Type-C interface. It is also rumoured that Apple's 8 next year will also use the Type-C interface.

Type-c接口 母座
      Whether Apple 8 will use the Type-C interface is not mentioned for the moment, but as far as the best-selling mobile phones are concerned, Type-C will become the mainstream. The Type-c interface accounted for 25% of China's best selling mobile TOP 20 in November. The 5 best-selling mobile phones with Type-c interface are priced over 2000 yuan except for the 2 Kings.

      Based on the above data, mobile phones selling for more than 2000 yuan in the first half of 2017 will fully configure the Type-c interface, and mobile phones selling for more than 1000 yuan in the second half of 2017 will fully configure the Type-c interface.

So why Type-C interface will be sought after by mobile phone manufacturers? Let's analyze it. Because Type-C interface can support data, audio, video and charging at the same time, it can also be compatible with Display Port, HDMI, MHL and other mainstream high-definition video interface standards. Thunderbolt 3-compatible Type-C can provide up to 40 Gbps speed, making dual 4K HD transmission possible. Therefore, Type-C will undoubtedly become the best choice for future video interfaces. High-definition display, flat panel TV, VR/AR devices will farewell to the coexistence of multiple interfaces, with the help of Type-C to achieve the unification of audio and video and power supply. On the phone, you can replace the 3.5 inch headphone interface.

       In addition, the Type-C interface can bring the convenience of forward and backward interpolation, and the maximum flow defined by the Type-C interface connector is 5A, while retaining the flow definition of 10A to meet the fast charging requirements, which is also what the terminal manufacturer sees. At the same time, Type-C, which integrates charging, data and audio-video interface functions, is very powerful, and the establishment of the ecosystem will form a situation in which the interface will spread all over the world. In view of this, from the top-down point of view of the industrial chain, the giants of USB Association, standard-setting, interface chips, factories and consumer terminals all spare no effort to promote the popularization of USB-C.

        It is understood that the mainstream mobile phone suppliers Foxconn, BYD, Dafu Technology and other enterprises are also in the layout of production Type-C interface related products, and has continued to ship. Weifeng Electronics, TI, NXP, Cypress, Analogix and other chip manufacturers have released a number of high-speed data transmission, charging and video interface chips. The latest versions of apple OS, Google Android and Microsoft WP platform all support Type-C.