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Teach you to solve common problems of data lines easily.

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The mobile phone data line is the function of intermediate transmission of information and picture. Generally speaking, each mobile phone will have a special corresponding mobile phone data line, but with the universality of mobile phones, the data line also has a universal function.

In our daily applications, many consumers generally find that mobile phone data lines often have some problems:

(1) What should we do if the cell phone can't dial after using the data line? If the cell phone can't dial correctly, we should first check whether the setting parameters of the cell phone are correct, such as checking whether the network settings are selected correctly, and if the cell phone can't dial correctly under the current network settings, we can try another network. Then check whether the current location is within the scope of mobile network operation. If you are not in the area covered by the network, of course, you can not dial correctly. In addition, check the details of other aspects carefully, such as whether the mobile phone has set restrictions on calls, whether the call fee has reached the upper limit, and whether the SIM card has been inserted correctly. If the phone is still not dialed correctly after checking, and then check whether the keys of the mobile phone are in good condition, it is really impossible to send the phone. Professional maintenance station to allow professionals to repair.
type c 数据线
(2) What protective measures should we take if the mobile phone should be wet by water? In the daily use of the mobile phone, the phenomenon that the mobile phone is wet by water is still very common, such as when washing hands, accidentally splashing the water on the mobile phone, or when using the mobile phone in rainy days, not paying attention to the protection to wet the mobile phone by rainwater. Once this phenomenon occurs, we must give first aid quickly, because the inside of the mobile phone is made up of some circuit boards. If water penetrates into the mobile phone panel, it may corrode the circuit or battery, resulting in the mobile phone can not work properly, or even damage the mobile phone. For this reason, we should first remove the battery and never turn on the power of the mobile phone. After removing the battery, it should be sent to the repair professionals immediately for disassembly and water treatment, so as to avoid the corrosion of the circuit board, which can not be repaired.

(3) What's the problem that mobile phones can't connect to transmit data? I wonder if you have ever encountered the phenomenon that mobile phones can't be answered in the process of using mobile phones. There are many reasons why cell phones can't be answered. We should conduct a careful examination of this phenomenon. First of all, we should check whether the antenna is fully extended, because in some areas the reception effect is not very good, we must use the antenna to receive normally; then we should check the signal intensity meter signal on the display screen, if the signal is weak, move to the open position, if in the building, move to the near window. . If the above measures still can not guarantee the normal answering of the mobile phone, we should check whether the mobile phone has set the call transfer and call ban, or set the shutdown ringing and vibration call, if it is only reset, it can be answered

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