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Vehicle charging interface using USB Type-C interface connector has become a trend?

Date:2018-11-01 Hits:208

The successful development of Type-C interface technology can be said to be a major breakthrough in the field of electronics, USB Type-C interface from the birth to today's hot degree. There are many types of smartphones and notebook computers that use USB Type-C interfaces for data transmission and charging connections. Nowadays, with the exhaustion of energy on the earth, new energy electronic products usher in the spring, such as new energy vehicles are widely used. At present, USB Type-C interface is still less used in car-mounted charging electronic products, usually set up as a backup interface.
type c 连接器
Why is the demand for vehicle electronics so high that it has not been designed with the USB Type-C interface standard? Even though many smartphones are designed and manufactured with Type-C interfaces, they are still not fully popular in so many electronic products, and USB Type-C interfaces have not yet reached a unified interface standard. This also limits the application of USB Type-C interface in vehicle electronic products to a certain extent, so many vehicle electronic charging products still use USB-A to USB Type-C data line interface standard design to apply.

Why do we need to design and support the USB Type-C interface standard for vehicle charging products? Today's USB Type-C interface connector adapters have become a standard trend in interface design, and the use of USB Type-C interface in vehicle electronics has the following three advantages:

1. Because the USB Type-C base is much smaller than the current USB-A base, we can make the size of the car electronic products very small. By measuring and calculating, the size of USB Type-C base is less than a quarter of the size of conventional USB-A base, in the case of the same power product design, the use of USB Type-C output interface to design vehicle charging products will be more delicate and compact in appearance.

2. With the same volume of electronic products, the on-board charging products designed with USB Type-C interface will save more internal space, facilitate the arrangement and connection of internal circuits and electronic components, thereby improving the output power of on-board electronic charging products, and realize the pressure-free USB PD devices such as mobile phones and notebook computers. Charging and data transmission.

3. Nowadays, the electronic products of USB Type-C interface connectors are becoming popular, but the market of on-board electronic products of USB Type-C interface is still in a blank stage, so the market prospect of on-board charging products of USB Type-C interface connectors is very promising. Nowadays, the rise of new energy vehicles and on-board electronic products are very promising. Products also need USB Type-C interface to realize their potential application advantages.