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What is the wholesale price of the data line manufacturer's mobile phone data line and what information does the data line offer provide ?

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The data line we use is from the factory. In general, data line manufacturers are mainly customized data line, most factories do not have too much spot storage, this is mainly related to factory operations. Customers need to customize, there is a need for spot, which needs to be purchased in the data line factory wholesale, then the data line manufacturers of mobile phone data line wholesale price is how much, data line quotation and provide that information?


Customers looking for data line factory purchasing data line, must first determine whether it is a factory, the most effective way is whether to see the factory, if the data line factory is basically can see the factory. After determining the factory, consult and communicate with the customer service, sales person or person in charge of the factory. For example, customized data lines, customers in the proposed customized data line requirements, is not aware of the mobile phone data line customized wholesale price, we have to consult the data line quotation. What are the quotations for customized data lines? I want to know that the quoted price of customized data line is required to provide the following information.

1. Data line samples or engineering drawings, this is mainly to confirm with the data line manufacturers can do.
2. The quantity of customized data lines is one of the keys to decide the quotation. Generally, factories have layers and prices. The larger the quantity, the more favorable the price will be.
3. Detailed specifications of customized data line. The main specifications of this data line are product type (Apple/Android/type-c), length, color, outer cover material (forming/braiding/metal), shell (forming/alloy/ABS shell), core material (copper wire/tin-plated copper), OD size, number of cores, current size, several cores and so on. And so on, these are also the key factors of data line quotation.
4. Determine whether it is customized or off-the-shelf. If the customer's data line factory has not done it before, it is necessary for the factory to open the mold for the new product, because no mold has been done before can not provide production processing. If the data line manufacturer just has the customer demand sample, is the mold has done the product, you can proofing, not spot to confirm the sample after the order production, confirmed the sample and spot can be directly ordered shipment.
5. Whether or not the packaging is needed, many customers need the factory to provide the packaging in order to customize or purchase to sell directly.

Customers, whether they are customized data lines or purchasing wholesaler data lines, provide this information after the factory according to the type of data lines, specifications, material costs, labor costs and so on to calculate the specific product prices. So the wholesale price and the specific quotation of the data line manufacturer's mobile phone data line come from this. Specifically, if you need to customize the purchasing data line, and can not find a good supplier of the data line factory, then choose our Yachuang Electronics Limited Factory, strict and standardized production management, mainly high-end data line products, Standard Test and inspection, reliable quality, safety and environmental protection, complete after-sales service guarantee It's worth your trust.

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