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Imagine what would happen if there were no connectors.

Date:2018-10-22 Hits:208
Imagine what would happen if there were no connectors. In this case, the circuit must be permanently connected with a continuous conductor, for example, the electronic device to connect to the power supply, the two ends of the connecting wire, and the electronic device and power through a certain method (e.g. welding) fixed connection. In this way, both production and use have brought a lot of inconvenience. Take automobile batteries as an example. Assuming that the battery cables are fixed and welded to the battery, the car manufacturer increases the workload, production time and cost of installing the battery. Battery damage needs to be replaced, but also to send the car to the maintenance station, dismantle the old welding, and then weld a new, to pay more labor costs. With a connector, you can get rid of a lot of trouble. Buy a new battery from the store, disconnect the connector, remove the old battery, install the new battery, and reconnect the connector. This simple example illustrates the benefits of connectors. It makes the design and production process more convenient and flexible, and reduces the cost of production and maintenance.

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