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Professional type C switch manufacturer - Ya Chuang Electronics

Date:2018-10-05 Hits:301
Yachuang Electronics Co., Ltd. is a 13-year production experience of professional development, design, manufacture, sales in one of the various USB adapter manufacturers, the most professional production of products should be type C adapter, annual output of 20 million, to ensure that customers with adequate supply, in the premise of continuous supply, to ensure that Product quality is high; this is the basis that ya Chuang has always been worthy of customers' dependence.
High-quality products, adequate and timely supply of modern production and marketing system, Yachuang with the world's top 500 Huawei, Wanlida, HP and other well-known customers to establish a good relationship of cooperation.
Ya Chuang electronics has an excellent design and development team. When the type C interface first entered our Chinese market, our design and development team had already designed and developed various types of C products, such as type C data line and type C adapter, and now the most mature type C product is type C adapter, it can not only be compatible with Android, Levision, millet and other equipment, but also fast Fast charging and data transmission.
Let me introduce to you the characteristics of our type C adapter.

1, plug the most humane, positive and negative does not matter.


2. Quick charging; Using the top chip to adjust the charging current to meet the 5V/2.1A charging effect, the charging effect of ultrasonic charging is twice that of the ordinary data line, which can save more than twice the charging time.
3. Small size, easy to carry, powerful; let you enjoy low-key luxury anytime and anywhere beautiful feeling.