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FAQ of data lines

Date:2018-05-28 Hits:309
1, what is the function of the data line of the mobile phone?
Answer: data line is used to transmit data. It is a data communication line connecting mobile phone and computer serial port. It can transmit data between computers and mobile phones.
2. Which data line is power supply?
Answer: red is positive, black is negative, white and green are transmitting data.
3, when the data line is connected with the computer, the data line can not be identified.
Answer: computer USB interface and computer driver are not properly installed will affect data identification, please check carefully whether the interface is loose.
4, is there no shielding layer in the data line? Will it be affected?
Answer: it will be disturbed when copying data. The shielding layer in the data line is not interfered in the process of data transmission.
5, how to check the phone data line is no problem?
Answer: try to see if the interface is worn out. Try connecting your cell phone to a computer or a mobile power source.
6, when the cell phone is charged, will it be disconnected for a while? What is the connection?
Answer: the data line interface is too loose to cause bad contact.
7. Can a three bit data line charge three mobile phones at the same time?
Answer: can be used at the same time, charging speed will slow down because the current is dispersed.
8. Is the data line power of the mobile phone?
Answer: there is no power difference between mobile phone data lines, only material thickness, length and so on. Because there is no difference, it will be found that many parts of the data line can be universal. In mobile phones, the charger is charged, and the charging speed is determined by the charger. In simple terms, the greater the power, the shorter the charging time.