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Pin header And Female header Characteristics and application analysis

Date:2021-10-26 Hits:1603
Pin header And Female header characteristic

1、Pin header And Female header After stamping, it shall be sent to the electroplating section. At this stage, its electronic contact surface will be coated with various metal coatings. A kind of problems similar to the stamping stage, such as pin distortion, fragmentation or deformation, will also occur in the process of sending the stamped pin into the electroplating equipment.

2、 Pin header And Female headerIt mainly includes electronic and optical fiber connectors. As one of the electronic components connecting electrical circuits, it mainly plays the role of electrical connection and signal transmission between devices and components, components and cabinets, and systems and subsystems, while maintaining no changes in signal distortion and energy loss between systems. The overall manufacturing level of needle and nut in China is still relatively low, and the development of new products lags behind. Basically, it is still a multi variety and small batch production pattern.

Pin header And Female header effect

Pin header And Female header Its function is to act as a bridge between blocked or isolated circuits in the circuit and undertake the task of current or signal transmission. It is usually used together with the busbar to form a plate-to-plate connection; Or it is used together with the electronic harness terminal to form a board to line connection; It can also be used for plate to plate connection independently.

Pin header And Female header application

1. Digital photo frame, PDA, DVD, MP3, MP4, LCM / LED display block, digital camera, etc.

2. Computer motherboard, various mobile storage disks, mobile phones, video phones, program-controlled exchanges, cordless phones, LCD TVs, walkie talkies, LCD displays, etc.

3. Telecommunication cards, card readers, switches, on-board systems, instruments and meters, electronic toys, medical equipment, photoelectric products and many other fields.