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China's high-speed rail dominance is not for nothing

Date:2019-07-09 Hits:107

                                               China's high-speed rail dominance is not for nothing

The Beijing railway bureau will implement the new train operation plan from midnight on July 10. After the adjustment of the operating diagram, a new high-speed emu train set will be added from tianjin west to Hong Kong west Kowloon. Through baiyangdian station, xiongan new district will be directly connected to Hong Kong. A pair of high-speed railway from chengde south to Harbin west was added, connecting "summer resort" with "ice city". Train pairs from Beijing to Qingdao and beihai have seen their running times cut significantly. Shijiazhuang to jiamusi high-speed rail direct.

Since the guangzhou-shenzhen-hong kong high-speed rail line was opened to traffic, more and more cities can directly enter Hong Kong through high-speed rail. It can't be said that China's high-speed rail technology is the world leader!

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