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The score line of college entrance examination is announced. More than 8,000 people get 0 marks in college entrance examination.

Date:2019-06-25 Hits:93

     The website of Hebei Provincial Educational Examination Institute has published a statistical table of the results of Arts and Sciences examinees enrolled in Colleges and universities in Hebei Province in 2019, which shows that 27 students with 700 points or more are science examinees. Peng Mei News noted that the average number of candidates with 703 points and above in the entrance examination of physical education in Hebei was 18, with 679 points and above being 349, and that 332 candidates with 650 points to 678 points in the entrance examination of liberal arts. In addition, the college entrance examination in Hebei Province has 8624 liberal arts and Sciences candidates scored 0 points, of which 6475 are liberal arts, 2149 are science.

     In addition, according to the admission control scores of various batches of ordinary colleges and universities published by Hebei Province, 502 points for science and 549 points for liberal arts, 379 points for science and 461 points for liberal arts.


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