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Internet Queen's Annual Report Focuses on Media Modality Upgrading Live Broadcasting to Help Mushroom Street Repurchase Increase Four-fold

Date:2019-06-12 Hits:90

In the early morning of June 12, Beijing Time, Mary Mikel, Queen of the Internet, released the Internet Trends Report 2019. The report on China's Internet development is written by Gao Lun Capital, which is also the "Queen of the Internet" since 2014, the sixth consecutive year of cooperation with Gao Lun Capital.

E-commerce is an important part of Mary Mikel's annual Internet Trends Report, and this year is no exception. In the report of 2019, Mary Mikel takes the core motivation of open Internet as one of the starting points, and looks forward to the future development of e-commerce.

Mary Mikel believes that consumers want more efficient and cost-effective content and goods through the Internet, while businesses want to use the Internet to achieve more sales of products and services, while platforms and regulators want to maintain a more stable, orderly and multi-beneficiary network order.

The report points out that although the growth rate of e-commerce in retail sales has slowed down after reaching 15%, its 12.4% quarterly growth rate is still much higher than that of real retail sales by 2%. In her report, Mary Mikel elaborated on the obvious driving effect of media upgrade on Internet business, including e-commerce.

Video, especially short videos, continues to grow rapidly, with the number of digital content viewers per day doubling in five years in the United States, while the number of daily videos on Facebook, the largest social networking platform, has doubled in a year.

Also noteworthy is the upgrade of media format in the field of pictures: the development of mobile Internet technology makes the threshold of picture production and sharing continue to decrease, and more vivid picture display has a significant pull effect on the interaction between users. At the same time, the progress of image-based algorithms and artificial intelligence recognition technology will further promote the recommendation and distribution of pictures among users in the future.

These changes in media form provide the basic conditions for business to obtain the future market.

The report cites STITCH FIX, an American fashion apparel e-commerce, as an example. Its business model, which provides personalized wear solutions for each user, has helped STITCH FIX achieve rapid growth in user size over the past few years. Pictures and videos are playing the most important role in STITCH FIX platform's communication with users.

The case of media form upgrading for e-commerce innovation not only happened in the United States, but also mentioned the wide application of online retail innovation in domestic e-commerce platforms in the report provided by senior capital in China.

Senior Capital highlights three cases of Taobao Live, Fast Hand and Mushroom Street. It believes that the personalized and interactive shopping experience provided by mobile live broadcasting can help greatly enhance the transaction conversion rate: live GMV of Taobao in 2018 will exceed 100 billion RMB; and fast hander can realize effective commerce of content social flow through products such as live shopping and fast-handed stores. Live broadcasting contributed 24% of GMV in Mushroom Street and increased the number of repurchases by four times.

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Taking Mushroom Street as an example, in addition to the effective use of media format upgrade in live broadcasting business, they previously launched the first brand test business in the form of picture and text Look, instead of the old "brand-based, human-assisted" method in the new fashion of domestic apparel e-commerce brand, which was displayed directly in the form of "people-to-people collocation". By virtue of the density of content information, this kind of practical wear solution based on real life scenarios can effectively improve the user's stickiness and sales conversion efficiency, thus helping users, brands and platforms to achieve win-win situation.

The evolution of media forms will never stop. Different platforms will seize the dividends brought by upgrading and become new leaders in leading the change of business trends.

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