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Full-time Ph.D. has been completed in 12 days and one semester course has been completed. Korea has become a

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Korea's East Asia Daily: Studying in Korea for a quick doctorate, Korea is afraid to become China's "academic factory"

"To study in Korea for a quick doctorate, Korea is afraid to become China's"academic factory". On May 20, East Asia Daily, one of South Korea's three major newspapers, reported.

China is the largest source of Korean students. According to the "Basic Statistics of Education 2018" published by the Ministry of Education of Korea on January 13, the proportion of Chinese students among Korean students in 2018 was 48.2% (68.537 million). Among them, the main group of PhD students in Korea is the on-the-job teachers in Chinese universities.

Why did Chinese university teachers panic Korea when they went to Korea to study for their doctorate?

The surge in Dr. Han

In recent years, there has been a surge in the number of Chinese who come to Korea to study in Bo.

According to data released by the Ministry of Education of Korea on May 19, a total of 3636 Chinese students studying for doctoral degrees in Korea in 2018, almost double the number of 1906 students in 2013, and most of them are Chinese university teachers with master's degrees.

Promotion must be a doctor

While Korean media criticize Korean universities as Chinese academic factories, Chinese universities need to rethink more.

The number of PhD graduates from overseas universities in the teaching staff is an important indicator for evaluating the quality of teachers in Chinese universities, Xiong Bingqi, vice president of the 21st Century Institute of Education, pointed out.

Moreover, in order to improve this index, our universities including the construction of "double first-class" universities have also promulgated the promotion of senior titles. It is necessary to have overseas university learning experience and doctoral degree.

According to statistics from the Ministry of Education, there are 1.63 million university professors in China, of which only about 400,000 are doctorates. That is to say, more than 75% of them only have master's degree or below.

This forces university teachers who have only a master's degree, or who have not previously studied abroad, to find ways to obtain overseas experience, preferably a doctorate from a foreign university. This demand has given hope to Korean universities, which are struggling to find a source of students and are short of income, and the two sides are on the same page.

Many Chinese universities have appointed teachers to study for doctorates in Korea. On March 1, Hebei Media College held a farewell ceremony for the first batch of teachers who went to Korea to study for doctoral degree; on February 23, Zhangjiakou College held a farewell ceremony for the first batch of teachers who went to Korea to study for doctoral degree; on November 20, 2018, Langfang Normal College issued an announcement on the appointment of Teachers from Foreign Languages College to study for doctoral degree in Korea...

Doesn't it help to improve the quality of teaching staff that Chinese universities don't know the fast-growing doctor? Colleges and universities certainly know. Xiong Bingqi pointed out that some colleges and universities do not care about improving the quality of teachers, but to build a team of teachers'achievements.

Therefore, Xiong Bingqi believes that the education department should strengthen the certification of doctoral diploma awarded by Korean universities, but more importantly, it should effectively eliminate the "doctrine of education-only" and "doctrine of hat-only" in teacher evaluation.

In January 2019, Chen Baosheng, Minister of Education, said at the National Education Work Conference in 2019 that the "Five Ways" of "Only Score, Only Entrance to Higher Education, Only Diploma, Only Paper and Only Hat" are the fundamental problems existing in the current baton of education evaluation and the most difficult "hard bone" in the current education reform.

The General Office of the Ministry of Education issued a circular, deciding to carry out the "Five Ways" clean-up in relevant universities. On April 19, Tsinghua University officially issued "Several Opinions on Improving the Academic Evaluation System of Tsinghua University", emphasizing the need to overcome the "Five-Way" tendencies in academic evaluation.

Only by breaking the "school-only theory" in teacher evaluation and really improving the quality of teachers, can college students, especially undergraduates, be educated more effectively. The Ministry of Education has long emphasized that the undergraduate course is the foundation of higher education, and the undergraduate course is unstable and shaky.

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