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Open Day Artificial Intelligence in North China University of Qing Dynasty

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The School Class of Artificial Intelligence was announced

Yu Xiaoxiao, director of Admissions Office of Tsinghua University, said that the enrollment scale of Tsinghua University this year was the same as that of last year. Reporters learned that last year, Tsinghua launched an enrollment program in Beijing with 169 students, including 162 in science and 7 in liberal arts.

On the Open Day, the School Class of Artificial Intelligence of Tsinghua University (referred to as "Intelligent Class") was announced. The Intelligent Class will become the eighth experimental class of the talent training program of Tsinghua University. Yao Jizhi, a Turing Award winner and Dean of the cross-information Department of Tsinghua University, will be the chief professor of the Intelligent Class.

Yu Xiaoxiao, director of Admissions Office of Tsinghua University, introduced that the Intellectual Class will begin to recruit undergraduates from the autumn of 2019, and the first batch is expected to recruit 30 students. In the lower grades of the undergraduate course, the intellectual class will lay the foundation for the students through the core courses of mathematics, computer and artificial intelligence; in the higher grades, the students will have the opportunity to combine artificial intelligence with other frontiers of disciplines through the training mode of cross-joint disciplines. At the same time, the students of the Intellectual Class will get the opportunity of joint internship with related industries.

It is noteworthy that this year Tsinghua civil and electronic information classes carried out a full range of training. This year, Tsinghua University approved the opening of a wide-caliber undergraduate specialty "Civil Engineering, Water Conservancy and Marine Engineering", covering civil engineering, water science and engineering, engineering management, transportation engineering, marine science and engineering five professional directions. After entering the school, students no longer need professional confirmation, and implement large categories of enrollment, large categories of training and large categories of exports. In the first two years of undergraduate study, students study general education in large categories, and in the next two years they need to complete a major course and at least one minor course. It is the educational mode of "Ben-Shuo-Tong" and "Ben-Bo-Tong".

The Department of Electronic Engineering and the Department of Biomedical Engineering in the field of electronic information also carry out the whole course of training. Students can choose their own training programs. If they meet the requirements of the training program of the Department of Electronic Engineering before graduation, they will be awarded a bachelor's degree in Electronic Information Science and Technology; if they meet the requirements of the training program of the Department of Biomedical Engineering before graduation, they will be awarded a bachelor's degree in Biomedical Engineering. Students can also choose to pursue minor degrees in biomedical engineering and artificial intelligence innovation and entrepreneurship.

This year, there are 18 second degree majors and 14 minor majors in Tsinghua University, which are open to undergraduates. Compared with previous years, the second degree has added pharmacy specialty, the minor specialty has added chemical engineering and industrial bioengineering, nuclear engineering and nuclear technology, biomedical engineering, and has integrated the three minor specialties of robot technology innovation and entrepreneurship, intelligent hardware technology innovation and intelligent transportation technology innovation and entrepreneurship into the artificial intelligence innovation specialty of Tsinghua University.

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In terms of specialty transfer, freshmen and sophomores who meet the requirements for specialty transfer can apply according to the prescribed process, and finally choose and adjust their specialty again. Thirdly, when graduating from the undergraduate course, you can apply for cross-disciplinary exemption of postgraduates from other majors.

Launching Robot Engineering Specialty in 2019

Reporters at the Beijing University Undergraduate Enrollment Information Conference yesterday learned that this year Peking University will launch a batch of 167 undergraduate enrollment targets in Beijing, including 105 in science and 62 in liberal arts.

In addition to passing the "naked mark of college entrance examination" to Peking University, students can also participate in independent recruitment, liberal talent training plan, dream building plan and other self-selection categories of enrollment. This year, the independent enrollment of Peking University attaches more importance to students'subject expertise, especially the five major disciplines competition. The results of the preliminary examination have been published. The Boya Talents Training Program focuses on the comprehensive academic evaluation of three years of high school, especially the last year. The results of the preliminary examination will be announced in about two days. It is noteworthy that this year Peking University has incorporated medical specialties into the Boya Program.

The head of Beijing Enrollment Group of Peking University said that after scoring in the College Entrance Examination on June 23, a voluntary enrollment consultation point will be set up in Peking University to provide one-to-one professional enrollment consultation service for Beijing candidates and parents.

Beginning in 2018, on the basis of the Robot Research Center of Peking University, Peking University Institute of Technology has focused on the undergraduate specialty of Robot Engineering, which will start the undergraduate education and training of Robot Engineering in 2019. Specialized courses focus on training students to master the development and application of typical robotic dynamics and control, bionic structure design, intelligent perception, human-computer interaction, micro-nano operation and other technologies, and train future talents for robotics, intelligent manufacturing, artificial intelligence and other fields.

Gong Qihuang, deputy president of Peking University, said that the university had designated 2019 as "the year of improving undergraduate teaching quality". On the basis of building the undergraduate education system of "combining general education with professional education", a number of interdisciplinary courses, projects and majors with distinctive features and high quality were constructed, hoping to cultivate broad knowledge literacy on the basis of students'majors.

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