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What about 15 sheep enrolled in school? 15 French sheep become

Date:2019-05-10 Hits:308

On the 8th, 15 sheep were enrolled in France and became local pupils.

Jules Ferry elementary school in the French Alps town of rets en Belledonne was reported on the 8th day in "Russia Today" (RT).

According to the report, Jules Ferry Primary School faces the risk of losing part of the state funding due to lower enrolment rates. Therefore, it was proposed that symbolic registration of animal enrollment to meet the national quota for enrollment.

But according to Fox News, there may be another reason for registering sheep: after the number of pupils dropped from 266 to 261, one of the 11 classes at Jules Ferry Primary School will be closed, leaving only 10 classes. As a result, the average number of students in each class will increase from 24 to 26, which some parents oppose.

So someone came up with this "magic trick".


According to RT, the idea was initially put forward by three parents of students. Jean-Louis Mallett, mayor of the town, subsequently expressed his support and formally certified the sheep as students of the school.

Subsequently, a local farmer named Michel Gilleld provided 15 sheep for the school. On the 8th, he brought 50 sheep to school. Fifteen of them became registered pupils in local primary schools after showing their student certificates.

Gaelle Laval, one of the parents who came up with the idea, said that "national education is just a number" and he was satisfied with the status quo of the "number" growth in schools.

Crets en Belledonne Town Residents marched in favor of registering sheep for "school" Photo Source: Facebook

Human students at Jules Ferry Primary School also welcomed the arrival of these "new classmates." An 8-year-old student said happily, "It's great to have sheep in the school!"

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