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Two people are trapped in the collapse of a rainstorm earth wall in Shenzhen: a child died of ineffective rescue

Date:2019-04-22 Hits:253

According to the official micro-blog of Nanshan District Committee (District Government) of Shenzhen, according to the Nanshan Emergency Management Bureau, at 14:00 on April 20, 2019, 15 retaining walls of Lefeng Street of Tongle Road in Xili Street collapsed due to heavy rains, and a container of simple houses were crushed by collapses. According to the owner's reflection, a man and a child were trapped. After receiving the report, the Nanshan Fire Rescue Brigade rushed to the scene at 1408 to carry out the rescue. The leaders of the Municipal Emergency Management Bureau and Nanshan Government rushed to the scene for the first time. The trapped child was rushed to Celie Hospital and died at 18:25. At present, rescue work is still under way.

Two people were trapped in an industrial district in Shenzhen after a rainstorm collapsed and a little girl was trapped.

At about 2 p.m. on April 20, affected by heavy rainfall, a flat land collapse occurred in the enlarged industrial zone of Xili Tongle Road in Nanshan District of Shenzhen City, causing two people trapped in the ground container, an adult and a child. Shenzhen fire fighting rushed to rescue. Shenzhen Emergency Management Bureau has just reported that two people were trapped in a landfill wall collapse incident in Xili District of Nanshan District. As of the time of publication, the rescue was still ongoing.


According to Mr. Xu, the father of the trapped girl, the incident took place at about 1:40, when the rain was heavy and landslides were formed in an instant. The landslide broke down the wall and trapped three people, Mr. Xu himself, Mr. Xu's daughter and a worker. After the accident, he climbed out and immediately called the police. At present, the remaining two trapped people have not been rescued.

To prevent the occurrence of secondary disasters, the Municipal Three Prevention Command today issued the Emergency Notice on Strengthening the Prevention of Secondary Disasters in the Flood Season, requiring all districts (new districts, cooperative districts) and departments to strengthen their duty in the flood season and strengthen the inspection, investigation and monitoring of secondary disasters. To ensure the normal operation of the city and the safety of people's lives and property.

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