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Seven people were killed in Shenzhen floods, and the city's catastrophe insurance will be reimbursed with a limit of 250,000 per person.

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At about 21:40 last night, there was an instantaneous heavy rain and floods in Shenzhen. Up to now, floods caused by heavy rains have resulted in 7 deaths and 4 loss of contact. Reporters from the Shenzhen Banking Insurance Regulatory Bureau learned that the sudden disaster has triggered the Shenzhen catastrophe insurance compensation shortfall, Shenzhen catastrophe insurance will be compensated, according to preliminary estimates, the highest possible compensation for casualties caused by the rainstorm is more than 2.75 million yuan.

It is reported that the Shenzhen Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau has asked Shenzhen Catastrophe Relief Insurance Insurance Company and brokerage company to take PICC as the lead unit to jointly form a claim settlement service team to participate in accident rescue and compensation services in a timely manner.

According to the Shenzhen catastrophe insurance clause, the compensation limit for deaths caused by catastrophes such as rainstorms will be 250,000 yuan per person and 20,000 yuan per person for family placement. According to preliminary estimates, the maximum possible compensation for casualties caused by this rainstorm disaster is 2.75 million yuan.

The accidental insurance and liability insurance involving casualties and casualties, and related property losses, as well as the anticipated claims, are in the statistical process.

Shenzhen Insurance Regulatory Bureau reminds the general public that Shenzhen Catastrophe Relief Insurance provides catastrophe risk protection for all citizens, covering personal casualties caused by 15 kinds of natural disasters such as rainstorms, lightning strikes, subsidence, landslides and debris flows.

"As long as it is the casualties caused by the rainstorm, Shenzhen's catastrophe insurance compensation can be covered." Shenzhen Banking and Insurance Regulatory Bureau, said the relevant person in charge.

For personal casualties caused by catastrophe, the insured company can pay the relevant relief money after confirmation by the civil affairs department. After the accident, each district (new district) street office, the victim or the right to rescue requester can directly call 95518 24-hour toll-free service telephone to report the accident, informing the time, place, course of the accident, casualties and contact methods of the accident; each district (new district) Street office provides accident certificate to the insured company, the victim or the right to rescue. Under the assistance of the insurance company, the claimant provides medical documents and bills, disability grade certificates, death certificates and other claim documents according to different circumstances; the insurance company issues a letter of confirmation of relief based on the documents and submits it it to the civil affairs department, the injured party or the claimant of relief right in each district (new district) for confirmation, and immediately pays the relevant relief money.

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What should we do in case of flood?

(1) Prepare for flood

Before the arrival of the flood, we should try our best to make appropriate preparations.

1. According to the flood information provided by local TV, radio and other media, combined with their location and conditions, calmly choose the best route to evacuate, so as to avoid the passive situation of "people come before water".

2. Recognize the road signs, make clear the route and destination of evacuation, and avoid going astray because of panic.

3. Self-protection measures:

Prepare enough ready-to-eat food or cooking enough food for several days, and prepare enough drinking water and daily necessities.

Put together wooden rafts and bamboo rafts, collect wooden basins, wood, large pieces of foam plastic and other materials suitable for floating, and process them into life-saving devices in case of urgent need.

The portable valuables can be buried underground or put on a high place after being waterproofed and bound. Tickets, jewelry and other small valuables can be sewn into clothes and carried with them.

雅创电子type c 数据线

Preserve the communication equipment that can still be used.

(2) Self-rescue at the time of flood

1. When the flood arrives, those who are too late to transfer should quickly move to hillsides, highlands, buildings, flood shelters and other places, or immediately climb up roofs, high-rise buildings, trees, high walls and other places for temporary shelter.

2. If floods continue to rise and temporary shelters are difficult to protect themselves, we should make full use of the prepared "life-saving equipment" to escape, or quickly find some door panels, tables and chairs, wooden beds, large bubbles, foam plastic and other floating materials to form rafts to escape.

3. If surrounded by floods, we should try to contact the local go-vern-ment flood control department as soon as possible, report our position and danger, and actively seek rescue.

Note: Never swim to escape, do not climb electrified poles, iron towers, and do not climb to the roof of mud houses.

4. If you have been caught in a flood, you must seize as much as possible the fixed or floating things to find an opportunity to escape.

5. When it is found that the tower of the high-voltage wire is inclined or the broken end of the wire is drooping, it must be avoided quickly to prevent direct electric shock or electric shock due to "step voltage" on the ground.

6. After the flood, we should do a good job in hygiene and epidemic prevention to prevent the epidemic.

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