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3.12Arbor Day-" Green Seal"

Date:2019-03-12 Hits:55

                                                          Let the Arbor Day stamp " Green Seal" on " 

China Business Card" One year's plan is no better than planting a grain, ten years' plan is no better than planting a tree.

March 12 is the 41st Arbor Day. In February 1979 after the founding of New China, the 6th meeting of the Standing Committee of the Fifth National People's Congress passed a resolution to designate March 12 as China's Tree Planting Day on the proposal of the State Council. Afforestation is an important measure for ecological restoration and an important way to realize blue sky, green earth and clean water. We are both participants and beneficiaries of this green livelihood project. Planting trees is a move to improve the environment. In recent years, China's ecological environment has been improving, but the existence of smog, sandstorms and other weather reminds people of the fragility of the ecological environment. Improving the ecological environment requires people to make persistent efforts. Planting trees can conserve water, maintain water and soil, purify air and create a fresh climate. With more people planting trees and more trees and trees in the great rivers and mountains of our country, we can consolidate the momentum of improving the ecological environment. With the rapid development of China's railway industry, the requirements for the environment along the railway are getting higher and higher, and the greening along the railway is getting more and more attention from designers and builders. Greening along the railway line can effectively protect the stability of subgrade and cutting slope, prevent water erosion along the line, resulting in soil erosion, and ensure traffic safety. Strengthening the aesthetic layout of greening along the railway to make passengers feel safe and comfortable also plays an important role in improving the service quality of the railway. Railway greening can effectively reduce the impact on noise and aerodynamic layout along the route during driving, improve the local environment, and make the integration of railway and local environment more harmonious and beautiful. Improve the road capacity, beautify the environment, and meet the coordination and unification of the city and the surrounding environment. Planting trees can not only afforest the environment, but also beautify the mind and improve the civilization accomplishment. In fact, it is also the choice of many parents to take their children to plant trees. Through tree planting activities, children can not only learn tree planting knowledge and knowledge of nature, understand that a tree is not easy to grow, stimulate curiosity and sense of responsibility, but also sow the seeds of environmental protection and civilization on their young hearts. They can personally engage in environmental protection activities, and establish the awareness of caring for the environment, protecting their homes, being enthusiastic about public welfare and transmitting civilization.   

Source: China Youth Network 

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