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3.8 Women's Day:

Date:2019-03-08 Hits:57

There is a heated discussion on such a topic on the Internet: in order to achieve equality between men and women, men should be allowed to return to their families. As can be seen from the news, female netizens voted for each other. Regardless of the rationality of this topic, we can see that in the affirmative voting of female netizens, the matching degree of social responsibility and social status is not satisfactory. So how can we do this is to give them enough respect! With the development of society and the continuous progress of mankind, the importance of women has been affirmed by society, and the social status of women has been greatly improved. In today's society, men and women must live together equally and harmoniously in order to achieve greater development.


Our compatriots in Yachuang Technology Co., Ltd. are not only excellent and energetic, but also take into account family, women's work, parents'good daughters, husbands' good wives and good life. The mother of their children. Every year when Women's Day comes on March 8, the company pays more attention to the respect and affirmation of women compatriots. Both material gifts and spiritual respect are worth learning. Yachuang Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004. After 15 years, it can not be separated from the contribution of female compatriots. These contributions belong to you!


I hope all female compatriots will continue to work hard and continue to work together in the next 15 years!