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New Progress in Sino-US Trade: The United States promises not to impose tariffs any more, and China will intensify its efforts to protect intellectual property rights. ​

Date:2019-01-14 Hits:77

     From January 7 to 9, an official U.S. delegation led by Jeffrey Gerrish, deputy U.S. trade representative, held talks with Chinese officials in Beijing to discuss how to achieve fairness, reciprocity and balance in bilateral trade relations. At the same time, the necessity of fully implementing the agreements was discussed, and the implementation must be continuously checked and effectively enforced.

     The talks were part of a consensus reached by the President and the President in Buenos Aires. The two leaders agreed to negotiate within 90 days to achieve the necessary structural changes in China's compulsory technology transfer, intellectual property protection, non-tariff barriers, cyber attacks and cyber-theft of trade secrets, services and agriculture for commercial purposes. The talks also focused on China's commitment to buy large quantities of agricultural products, energy, manufactured goods and other products and services from the United States. U.S. officials conveyed President Trump's determination to address our persistent trade deficit and structural problems to improve trade between the two countries.

     The U.S. delegation issued a statement to report on the talks, promising to increase high-tech exports and not impose tariffs any more, and the two sides that have already increased will gradually cancel the talks in both directions. China, on the other hand, has promised to open up its financial sector and import a lot, mainly agriculture and energy, with the goal of achieving a basic trade balance within two years. At the same time, we will increase the legislation and strength of intellectual property protection and not allow compulsory technology transfer.

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