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4.15 national safety education day Carry out net net operation 2019 in depth

Date:2019-04-15 Hits:75

                                             4.15 national safety education day Carry out net net operation 2019 in depth

  Chinese police network security is related to national security. The ministry of public security (MPS) has launched a nationwide "net net 2019" campaign since January 22 to further deepen efforts to crack down on online crimes and build a high-level and safe Internet. Since the launch of the campaign, public security organs across the country have cracked down on crimes that infringe on citizens' personal information, hacker attacks and sabotage, thoroughly cracked down on cyber piracy and cyber disorder, and firmly consolidated the main responsibility of Internet enterprises for security, so as to ensure network security and stability. So far, 10,611 network-related cases have been detected, and 11,058 people have been forced to take criminal measures.In order to effectively clean up the source of illegal and criminal information dissemination, the national public security organs have adhered to the problem-oriented approach, intensified the inspection of the places where illegal and criminal information is frequently sent, cleared up more than 1.5 million pieces of various illegal and criminal information, and shut down more than 160,000 illegal and illegal online accounts. At the same time, some do not seriously fulfill the obligations of network security management of the Internet enterprises to intensify efforts to punish. Public security organs at all levels to carry out the territorial supervision responsibility, strengthen supervision and inspection and administrative law enforcement and deal with all kinds of administrative cases 6099, shut down web sites or suspend the service, 545, 225 web sites of illegal information highlight to pay administration fine punishment, in accordance with the law, questioning the rectification enterprises 4147, shut down illegal online bank account, communication code, payment, etc. More than 140000.In addition, the public security organs have made great efforts to crack down on upstream crimes. They have intensified their efforts to crack down on crimes that infringe upon citizens' personal information, engage in hacker attacks and sabotage, and illegally produce and sell "black CARDS" by providing information support, technical support and tool support, and arrested more than 1,450 suspects. In response to online obscenity, online gambling and other illegal crimes, the public security organs took the initiative, dealt with them quickly and dealt with them with heavy blows, and arrested more than 3,280 people involved.April 15 is the fourth national security education day for all. National public security organ to take this opportunity to further develop "net net 2019" special operation, further comprehensive online crackdown on illegal and criminal, increasing probing of all kinds of network crime crackdown, continuously strengthen the implementation of the Internet enterprise security management main body responsibility, continuously strengthen the network crime clear information, improve network security comprehensive management ability and level, efforts to build the network space, fresh air wind is to ensure network security.

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