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Why can some mobile data lines transmit data, and some USB lines can not transmit data

Date:2018-10-28 Hits:263

Usually we use the mobile phone data line to charge, can also be used to transfer data files and so on. Pictures, music, videos and other files can be transmitted between the phone and the computer, but some mobile data lines can't transmit data. Why can mobile data lines transmit data, and others can not transmit data?
type c 数据线
Mobile phone data lines can transmit data, because there are four cores in the data line, two for charging, two for transmitting data. General green and white two wire cores represent data lines, which are data lines consisting of D+ and D-. Some USB cables do not have these two, that is, the charging line, the difference is to use the computer and mobile phone link together, see whether there is a computer driver installation, or the phone prompted USB data storage. This proves to be a mobile phone data line, there is another way to distinguish is to cut the line to see, generally charged wire core than the data line core more, transmission data line diameter is relatively thin, so check which core number is less, that is the data line.

General data lines can transmit data, and there are many reasons why data can not be transmitted. For example, if you use a charging line instead of a data line, or if the plug of the data line is out of contact, or if you use a bad data line, it is possible that the core inside is too thin and too small to break. If you can't transmit data, you can find a normal data line and compare it with two. If a connection between the phone and the computer is in any case that means the data line is okay, if the connection to the computer does not respond, that is the data line is out of order, that is bad, the best solution is to buy a new data line bar.

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